My boyfriend is taking me to see the Avengers again this weekend. :) He doesn’t know it yet, and I don’t want to waste money texting him about it (texting to Switzerland is expensive), so I just figured he’ll check Tumblr and you know, get to know that way. Thanks Tumblr for being so convenient.

ps nico if you dont like this idea and just want to stay home and cuddle or some shit like that then you can go suck a bag of dicks cause i’m seeing that film again, with or without you

xoxo the worlds best gf ever

why are you not here to warm me you fucking freak
i feel like you should be here

(by fucking freak i mean i love you, mon oreille escargot)

Was at Kungstr√§dg√•rden (translates to the kings garden, sort of) the other day with <3 and looked at the prettyness! It’s sooooooo beautiful!

If you go to Sweden, go and see this. It blooms like 2 weeks a year but it’s so pretty I just want to stuff it all in my vaginizzle.